XPO BrandX – Sydney

XPO Brands is a creative agency which connects brands, retailers and consumers through successful marketing campaigns.


     Brand Ambassador & Event Staff – May/2019 – March/2020


  • Coordinating marketing campaigns;

  • Promoting launching products as well as sampling;

  • Working on events as a staff and Team Leader.

Pear Video – Sydney

Freelancer Video Producer - “Music for China” at Sydney Opera House


Freelancer Video Producer – Feb 2020

  • Helping with creative direction; 

  • Organizing logistics, deadlines;

  • Establishing locations and sets;

  • Communicating with the team each step of the way.

Broadsheet Media – Sydney

Broadsheet is Sydney's online magazine covering food and drink, fashion, art, design and entertainment. 

      Freelancer Photographer – Jun/2019 – Dec/2019

  • Styling, shooting, and presenting food for photographing; 

  • Discussing the needs of the clients and plan the shoot accordingly; 

  •  Photo editing.

GFP Formals – Sydney

GFP Formals specialises in Formal, Graduation and Debutante across Australia.


     Freelancer Photographer – Aug/2018 to Sep/2019 

  • Setting up the studio, equipment and lights;

  • Studio and Roving photography.

Visionair Media – Sydney

Visionair Media is a commercial photography and video experts with focus purely on the B2B market.


      Freelancer Photographer – May/2019 

  • Official Photographer at TEDx Sydney 2019

R5 Produtora  – Salvador, Brazil

R5 is a renowned producer of videos, films and advertising campaigns based in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil


      Video Producer - February /2019 to March /2019 

  •  Setting a budget,  

  • Organizing logistics, deadlines;

  • Establishing locations and sets;

  • Communicating with the team each step of the way.


Imagine That Photography – Sydney

Imagine That is Australia’s largest and most respected children’s Photography company in Australia.


      Photographer - March/2019 to December /2019 

  • Styling, shooting, and developing pictures of children and families;

  • Setting up the studio, equipment and lights;

  • Customer Service as well as Marketing and sales.

Rede Globo – Brazil https://redeglobo.globo.com/

Rede Globo is a Brazilian media conglomerate. Globo is also known for its high-end soap opera productions.


      Television & Event Producer – Jun/2010 to Aug/2017

  • Overseeing production processes; managing multiple projects simultaneously, setting priorities while identifying and addressing problems;

  • Establishing locations and sets;

  • Coordinating, leading and supporting crews;

  • Planning and executing events, TV shows and live broadcast;

  • Planning logistics and infrastructure for events, including schedule and venue management, catering and transportation;

  • Broadcasting production;

  • Celebrity networking;

  • Selecting, ordering and purchasing materials;

  • Managing budgets from start to finish (estimating and negotiating on budgets and timescales with clients and managers);

  • Delivering projects on time, within budget.


Main Projects

Caldeirão do Huck -  http://gshow.globo.com/programas/caldeirao-do-huck/  

Broadcasted every Saturday with an audience of about 18 million people, the leading weekend family show in Brazil features fun games and great challenges which transform people’s lives all over the country. It tells the stories of real people, their businesses, life projects, family reunions, and any other special life surprise our team may find on the road.


Império - It is a Brazilian primetime telenovela produced and broadcasted by Rede Globo. It premiered on 21 July 2014, replacing and ended on 13 March 2015. Daily, the telenovela was watched by 30 million viewers per minute. Weekly, the accumulated number of viewers reached 100 million. In November 2015, Império was prized as Best telenovela in the 43rd International Emmy Awards.


Paul McCartney concert - Live broadcasting with a team of 150 members and approximately 2 hours of duration.

Bahia International Festival of Performing Arts - Brazil

The Bahia International Festival of Performing Arts (FIAC) positions Bahia in the circuit of international and national performing arts.


Executive Producer - Nov/2007 to Nov/2009


  • Sourcing investment of sponsorship projects;

  • Workshop and Hub Coordination;

  • Planning logistics and infrastructure;

  • Selecting and hiring of professionals;

  • Website and social networks management.



Sydney Film Festival – Sydney

The Sydney Film Festival is an annual film festival held in Sydney, Australia, usually over 12 days in June.


Volunteer Staff – Jun/2019


  • Ushering, crowd management, customer service and other general duties.

  • Received the “VC’s award” by the SFF coordinators and supervisors as recognition of my performance as a volunteers during the festival.


  • Coordination of teams

  • Elaboration of projects and budgets

  • Social Network Management

  • Knowledge of Photoshop and Lightroom


  • Strong communication skills

  • Quick thinking and problem solver;

  • Ability to work autonomously

  • Friendly and socially confident


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Communications - major in Advertising - UNIFACS – Brazil

  • Cambridge English Certificate, Advanced Level – Ability English - Sydney, Australia

  • Food Photography Workshop – Canon Collective - Sydney, Australia

  • Camera Craft 1 and 2 – Australian Centre of Photography - Sydney, Australia

  • Annie Leibovitz's Masterclass – Masterclass - Sydney, Australia

  • Cinematographic Language Course - International Academy of Cinema and Television - Brazil

  • Communication and Institutional Communication Process – FGV - Brazil

  • Photography Direction for Film and Video Course – Institute Home for Photography - Brazil