Hey there!


My name is Catarina Rangel, I'm a Creative Producer and Photographer based in Sydney, Australia. I've been working as a Creative Producer for more than ten years now, with a vast experience in television, events and theater. The seven years I spent at the largest entertainment company in Brazil – Rede Globo – were my foundation lab and mastering of the production skills.


The production role is very dynamic and agile one. You learn how to handle several different situations under high pressure and how to optimize the decision-making process. As a producer, I believe I participate in the construction of a cultural product and it feels gratifying to see how creativity grows in a well orientated team. Working with image editing daily has intensified my love and knowledge of photography. I have worked both as a producer and as a photographer on several different projects.


Today, I think of myself as a Creative Producer / Photographer. For me, both activities are connected as photography is the art of observing and production is the basis for the image narrative. I live for these perspectives in my professional life. They represent equally my major interests in the arts and my own self-improvement.


I am an outgoing and energetic professional, a quick thinker, and a determined problem solver used to handling both delicate and high-pressure situations. I am interested in expanding my technical knowledge and widening my artistic perspectives as well as being part of a brilliant team.


Let's work together!